Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning in Mobile goes back to the days when people would clean up their houses by taking everything outside as soon as winter was over. The dust would be beaten out of the furniture, carpets, and rugs by beating them. The dust and germs that gather inside the house would be removed by sweeping and mopping. But as time has gone by, spring cleaning has become much easier.

You should make a plan for spring cleaning by figuring out what needs to be done first. If you have a lot of trash to get rid of, make sure you order a dumpster well in advance so that you can get rid of it quickly. Start by cleaning the rooms in your house that you like the least. Keep things you need close by in a bucket that’s easy to move from room to room. Plan the cleaning for a time when you will be able to get help.

Ask your children to help you clean up in some ways. If you need to, ask teenagers and other adults to help you lift heavy things. You can also ask your neighbors or friends who live close by for help. Having help from people you care about makes the whole process more fun and less stressful. It also speeds up the process and makes it work better.

Before you start cleaning, make sure you have all the right tools. Microfiber cloths make cleaning go faster and don’t spread the dust around. Use a steam cleaner to clean the floors because it doesn’t need chemicals and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. You can also attach an extension cord to the vacuum to make it easier to clean cobwebs. You can also rent a dumpster that will help you get rid of all the trash in your home or office all at once.

When cleaning hard surfaces like sinks or showers, let the cleaning solution sit for about ten minutes after you put it on the surface before wiping it down. You can also heat a cup of water in a microwave for one minute on high and then let the steam loosen the spills. After that, just put some Polident in.

Adding tablets to water makes it easy to clean the toilet bowl. Make sure you have enough cleaning clothes on hand. To clean a wet microfiber towel, you should always rinse it in water and wring it out. Dust with microfiber towels, then put them in a trash can or a plastic bag and shake them to clean.

But if you can’t clean dry microfiber towels or rags by just shaking them, you can rinse them in water and then use them to clean with water. The key to not having to clean your house in the spring is to keep it clean all year long. To keep dirt from building up, clean and unclog the shower after each use.

Make sure your house gets cleaned often. Every time you use a trash can, line it with a bag. For example, used plastic shopping bags can be used to line trash cans in the bathroom. Call us from time to time to rent a dumpster and get rid of the junk removal in your home. This way, you can keep your house looking clean all year long without having to do a lot of work in the spring.